Small Groups

Meeting in small groups throughout the parish is very helpful to the communal life of the parish. It is in the small group setting that care and love for one another is most strongly manifested. Grace Anglican small groups vary from Bible Studies to Prayer Groups to Fellowship Groups. It is in this smaller group venue that newcomers can most quickly find welcome, fellowship and ‘family ties’. Our groups meet in homes, restaurants, coffee houses as well as at Church; and some groups share a meal together.

Our goal is that every person in the parish can find a ‘niche’ in a small group setting. Our Sunday morning worship is meant to be the gathering of the small groups for the celebration of thanksgiving for our Lord’s Last Supper, and victory over death. As we gather week by week, either in small groups or at church we experience the power of the Holy Spirit among us in comforting, teaching, spiritual growth and most especially in the filling of our hearts with His Spirit and Power. Here is what some of our people have said about their small group:

  • · I know that I have friends I can count on.
  • · I am respected for who I am
  • · This is my first real experience in a loving, Christ-centered community
  • · This is a safe place to share my thoughts and grow.
  • · I love reading the Scriptures in a deeper way. God’s Word is coming alive to me.
  • · I love doing the lessons that apply to my life, right now.
  • · I feel God’s Presence powerfully. Helps me through the week.
  • · I love when we all share our God moments where we see God working in our lives.